Our Products

We offer a wide range of financial services for all our customers, from individuals and small businesses, to corporations and government entities. No matter how simple or complicated your needs, we’re sure to have the products, knowledge and resources necessary for financial success.

Our Investment portfolio covers a broad range of asset types, from equities to private placements and other alternatives. Invested in local, regional and global markets, the primary objective of the portfolio is Capital Preservation.

Real Estate
Real estate is a core activity of Emirates International Credit Ltd which owns a large portfolio of land and buildings in Kenya, Africa, Middle East and the world at Large.

We help investors with their long-term investment planning.
We do more in-depth work on formulating clients’ investment strategies, helping you fulfill you needs and goals.

Emirates International Credit Ltd’s commitment to the development of young minds is our investment in the future.
From elementary class to graduation, Leigh Academy, Beverly Fields International schools and Beverly Fields Colleges of Management Studies combine to provide a complete and balanced education – producing complete and well-balanced young adults equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

In line with our core objective, Emirates International Credit Ltd is always seeking to develop new brand associations and franchises. We are currently looking for fashion brands in ladies plus clothing, children’s wear, home-wear, teen fashion, street fashion,cosmetics, footwear and gifts. We are also keen to develop non-fashion franchises in F&B concepts.

Corporate & Institutional Banking
Emirates International competes to win in the middle market, where we are proud to be one of the leading credit providers to middle market companies across Africa and the world at Large.

But credit is only part of the story. Underpinning our success at building deep and lasting relationships with middle market clients is our breadth of capabilities–including extensive treasury management, capital markets and international banking services–many of which have been tailored specifically for the middle market audience.
Emirates International is an industry leader in many other target markets as well. Our client list includes thousands of real estate, utilities, healthcare, government, higher education and not-for-profit entities.
All of these clients, including many of the nation’s largest competitors in their respective specialties, benefit from our deep industry knowledge and our sophisticated capital raising, treasury management and capital markets capabilities.

Residential Mortgage Banking
We provide a wide variety of borrowing options — whether you’re a first-time home buyer, moving up to something larger, looking to refinance your current home or ready to purchase the vacation home of your dreams, we offer the optimal mortgage solution to ensure you obtain the loan that’s best for you. Experienced mortgage professionals serve our customers.